Deadlines and Requirements


Individual deadlines are determined by the Physician Assistant programs, NOT by CASPA. What each program requires by its posted deadline date varies widely from program to program. What is acceptable for one program may not be acceptable for another.

Deadline Color Code Guide:

Each PA program categorizes its deadline into one of the categories below and reports their selection to CASPA at the beginning of each cycle. You can view each PA program’s deadline category on our Participating Programs page. If you have any questions regarding what a school is looking for by its deadline, please contact the PA program directly.


Applicants must e-submit their CASPA application by 11:59pm EST on the deadline date. Documents are not required to be received by the deadline date.


Applicants must have a complete date on or before the deadline date. A complete date is given when the application is e-submitted and all transcripts, payments, and at least two letters of reference have been received by CASPA and attached to the application. Documents should be sent to CASPA several weeks prior to the deadline date to ensure all items arrive on time.


Applicants must have their application verified (GPA calculated) by the deadline date. Applications must be completed (e-submitted, payment received, transcripts received, and two letters received) at least four weeks in advance of the deadline to ensure the application is verified on time.

*WARNING: PA programs may have requirements in addition to those listed below, including receipt of test scores, supplemental applications, etc. It is the applicant’s responsibility to research the requirements of each program they wish to apply to before submitting their application.


Q: Are applications processed with deadlines in mind? Can CASPA expedite my application to meet a deadline?

A: NO. CASPA applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis by completion date. CASPA cannot expedite individual applications.

Q: Am I able to request a deadline extension if I did not e-submit in time?

A: The CASPA web application will not allow you to apply to a program once its application deadline has passed. CASPA does not offer deadline extensions to applicants. Only the physician assistant programs can grant a deadline extension, regardless as to the circumstances which prevented your e-submission. Contact the individual physician assistant program directly to request a deadline extension. If your request is approved, the program will notify CASPA directly. CASPA will NOT contact programs to inquire about deadline extensions. The program must initiate contact with CASPA.

Q: What will happen if my transcripts, payments, or letters of recommendation arrive after the program deadline date? Will CASPA process my application?

A: As long as you have e-submitted your online application prior to the posted deadline, CASPA will continue to process and mail your application even if the transcripts, payment, or letters of recommendation are received after the deadline. However, it is up to the programs to which you are applying to determine whether or not they still consider your application valid upon its receipt.

Q: Can I obtain a refund if I miss a deadline?

A: No. CASPA does not provide refunds for missed deadlines or failure of the applicant to correctly complete the application. As stated in CASPA’s policies, which all applicants must agree to upon submitting their application, it is up to the applicant to monitor their application’s status and ensure that it is completed correctly and that all materials arrive at CASPA on time.