Completing the Application

Before your application goes in line to be verified by our staff, it must have a status of “Materials Recieved > Verifying” and a Complete Date. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all materials are received by CASPA and follow up with any materials which are missing. CASPA will NOT notify you that your application remains incomplete or that items are missing.


In order for your application to have a status of “Complete” the following things must occur:

1. All official transcripts are posted to your CASPA application, EACH with a date received in your “Program Status” tab.

2. At least two of your references are listed as “completed” with a date completed in your status menu under “Evaluations.”

3. Your payment is marked as received under “Program Status.”

4. You have received e-mail confirmation that you submitted the application.

5. Your application Program Status menu reads as “Materials Received > Verifying”

6. You have been given a “Complete Date” which can be viewed on your application PDF.

UNDERSTAND: For detailed instructions on how to track your documents and understand your statuses, please see the “Application Status and Notifications” section of our instructions.


Your application is placed in line to be reviewed by our verification staff and have your GPA calculated. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis by your complete date. You can contact customer service to confirm your complete date and what date we are currently verifying.

Materials Received > Verifying

This means that your application is complete and waiting in line to be verified. Applications are placed in line in chronological order based on their complete date. During our busiest season, it may take up to FOUR WEEKS from your complete date for your application to be reviewed, though the average turnaround time is closer to two weeks.

Complete Date

This is the date your application became complete and was placed in the verification queue. Your complete date is the day your final required item – either a transcript, reference letter, payment or e-submitted application – posted to your CASPA account.

Complete Date Currently Being Verified

This helps you predict where your application is in line in relation to those at the top of the list which are currently being processed. For example, if your complete date is 8/15 and the date currently being verified is 8/14, you know that applicants who turned in their application the day before you are currently being worked on, and you likely can expect your application to come up for review soon. Please note that a different number of people turn in their application on any given day, so how long it takes our staff to get through a single complete date often varies.


Q: Can CASPA expedite my application?

A: NO. CASPA cannot expedite individual applications.

Q: Can my schools view my application online?

A: Once your application has been e-submitted and paid for, your schools have access to your full online application. This does not mean, however, that they choose to view it. Some schools will only review applications after they have been verified.