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Once your application is e-submitted, your application is locked and most sections cannot be updated for the remainder of the application cycle.

Once your application is in a “verified” status, you DO have the ability to update the coursework section of your application using a system called “Academic Update.” Academic Update allows you to change courses previously listed as “planned/in-progress” to “complete” and self-report the grades received for these classes. You may also add additional planned/in-progress courses. You may only update 2012 or 2013 terms. To do so, you must delete any planned/in-progress terms and re-add them as completed. You must submit these changes to CASPA by clicking “save.”

PLEASE NOTE: Courses updated via Academic Update will NOT be verified by CASPA and will NOT CALCULATE INTO YOUR CASPA GPA. Additionally, applicants should NOT send CASPA any updated transcripts. All updated transcripts should be sent to your PA programs directly.